White Truffle Series

Sunday, November, 19 08:41 am -
Sunday, November, 24 09:00 pm
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1230 Grant Ave
$ 350.00
White Truffle Series picture

t's that decadent time of year again when White Truffles are in season. Savor them over a 16-course tasting menu at Saam by José Andrés. SLS Culinary Director José Andrés celebrates the opulence of white truffle season with the third annual White Truffle Dinner Series at SAAM. The multi-course dinner unearths the flavors of the truffle through the playful imagination and inventive gastronomic vision of Andrés' culinary team at SAAM. The truffles are foraged by the expert Truffle Brothers Michael and Marco Pietroiacovom in the wooded hills of Abruzzo, Italy. Guests can explore the tasting menu, available for a limited time only, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 6pm from Oct. 23 until Nov. 22, for $350 per guest.
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