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  • Added by: Justin About 2 years ago

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    Stopped by to try the "Brad Pitt" and loved it. Stayed to enjoy the peaceful green space in their outdoor seating area. Wifi is fast, and while the shop itself is a bit small, there's plenty of seating outside and its lush greenery sets the mood for a relaxing work space. If it wasn't for the street noise bleeding through the curtains, I would have easily forgotten I was in ktown! Their coffee is caffeinated crack. I don't drink coffee too often, but I can definitely appreciate a good wholesome cup of jo! And, this was dank. The barista, upon serving me my drink, noticed it was my first time here and suggested I drink the Brad Pitt sooner rather than later. He also gave me a small dish of complimentary almonds to snack on. Free parking out front and you can also try street parking just around the corner.

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Vishal commented About 2 years ago
I also loved the ambiance of this place. It's my favorite coffee shop.

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